Emojo Digital
Redesigning the website of eMojo Digital, an advertising firm in Israel, to improve lead generation.


During my work in eMojo, A digital advertising firm, I was required to redesign the current website to give it A fresh & modern look.
The goal of the redesign was to improve lead generation.


I first approached the project by conducting a thorough competitor research based on international firms. After gathering the initial results of my research, I called for an internal design meeting with the CEO of the firm, a digital advertising expert, to understand his point of view regarding important aspects of the site and its goals.

The Solution


It is a known fact that the home page is the face of a website. This is the page where we make the first impression. Just like meeting a new person for the first time, we have a very limited time to capture their attention.
To achieve this, I used an attractive color scheme, well known companies’ logos and case studies to establish the firm’s reliability.

Lead Generation Assistants

In order to improve the rate of conversion i made use of the following recurring elements in the website’s internal pages:

1. Study cases – In each internal service page I included relevant study cases that demonstrate the firm’s expertise in that field.

2. Blog sticky form – This form follows the users as they scroll through the articles on the website. This helps keep the firm in the mind of the user as they read engaging content.

3. Client logos – These logos are displayed in relevant pages to showcase the firm’s history of working with high profile clients.

4. Footer form – Every page is concluded with a contact form. This means potential clients are always given a way to contact the firm, no matter where they are on the page.